NodeSource eases path for Node.js in the enterprise

Fully supported and enhanced for business, the NSolid server-side JavaScript platform is ready for deployment

NodeSource eases path for Node.js in the enterprise

NodeSource will attempt to fill what is seen as a big gap in Node.js options: An enterprise-level version of the platform, complete with 24/7 support. Version 1.0 of NSolid, released Tuesday, is based on the recently released Node.js 4.0, known simply as Node. It is available for download.

“The challenge that we’re addressing with NSolid is bringing enterprise-grade Node to the enterprise,” said Chip Ray, vice president of product at NodeSource. While there has been much adoption of the Node server-side JavaScript platform in the last year or so, enterprises have struggled with it, he said. NodeSource enhances Node with better debugging, introspection, and enhanced security along with business-class full-time support. NSolid, the company argues, offers increased productivity and performance, as well as protection for critical applications.

“Our goal is to make this the de facto runtime for developing and operating Node in the enterprise,” Ray said. Node already has been in use at established organizations such as PayPal and Netflix. But NodeSource thinks more needs to be done to make it enterprise-ready.

An early NSolid user working as a contractor at NASA has seen positive results. “NSolid gave us insight into the Node.js runtime that we would not have had otherwise,” said Collin Estes, director of software engineering for MRI Technologies, in an email. “We were able to identify problem areas of our code base through the CPU- and memory-profiling that stopped us from shipping [poorly performing] code.” Through NSolid, NASA can rely on developer resources and devops processes without the need for a full operations team, while having confidence that mission-critical systems will be available, said Estes. He has been a Node.js developer for three years.

An analyst concurs about the need for enterprise-level Node.js resources. “Walmart and PayPal now run a significant amount of Web and mobile traffic over their Node infrastructure,” said Michael Facemire, of Forrester Research, in an email. “Walmart and PayPal also have developers that are industry thought leaders and committers to the Node.js project. Unfortunately there’s simply not enough of these people today to meet the larger enterprise needs around Node, thus the growing demand for solutions like [NodeSource’s Node support service] NSupport.”

To improve security, NSolid features programmatic controls to limit module usage and mechanisms for secure memory allocations, to protect customer data. For improved productivity, NSolid features application profiling to find performance issues in production without code modification. Also, operational intelligence is offered on Node-specific application behavior. NSolid is a “snap in” solution that requires no framework lock-in, NodeSource said. NSolid is free for developer use but requires purchase of a subscription-based license for production use.

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