11 cutting-edge databases worth exploring now

From document-graph hybrids to ‘unkillable’ clusters, the next generation of databases offers intrigue and innovation

11 cutting-edge databases worth exploring now

Only a few years ago, database work was among the most boring of tasks in IT -- in a good way. Data went into one of the major SQL databases and it came out later, all in one piece, exactly as it went in. The database creators had succeeded in delivering rock-solid performance, and everyone started taking it for granted.

Then the nature of what we wanted to store changed. Databases had to move beyond bank accounts and airline tickets because everyone had begun sharing data on social networks. Suddenly there was much more data to store, and most of this new data didn’t fit into the old tables. The work of database admins and creators transformed, and what has emerged is a wide array of intriguing solutions that help to make databases among the more intriguing technologies today.


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