How Microsoft could finally kill Linux

In today's open source roundup: How Microsoft could get rid of Linux once and for all. Plus: Has Windows 10 already killed Linux on the desktop? And Mozilla might have sneaked ads into Firefox via Suggested Tiles

How Microsoft could kill Linux

Microsoft has long had a bad reputation when it comes to Linux. But how would the company do it if it really wanted to kill Linux? A writer at Softpedia has some suggestions for Microsoft on how it could destroy Linux once and for all.

Silviu Stahie reports for Softpedia:

The death of Linux has been proclaimed many times, and that's something that will probably go on for quite some time. The problem is that Windows either can't kill the Linux desktop or Microsoft is not doing its job properly. So, here is a short tutorial for Microsoft that will help it get rid of that pesky Linux, once and for all.

Before we get to the killing part, we first need to understand a few things. First of all, Linux is not an entity, so Microsoft can't solve the problem by buying it. It would be fun to watch, but it's not possible. Secondly, there is no head of Linux per se, so there is no one to negotiate with. Sure, there is Linus Torvalds, but he's not telling people what to do with the kernel, so he's not really in charge.

Linux has been around for a very long time and it's making Windows look bad. When people talk about security or data collection, they immediately point towards Linux and say that none of the open source OSes is having the same problem. These comparisons are definitely hurting Windows sales. So, instead of fixing issues like security, it's a much easier solution to just get rid of Linux altogether. Here is what Microsoft has to do.

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Softpedia readers shared their thoughts about how Microsoft could kill Linux:

Bobo: ”Windows is busy killing itself right now =)”

Johnno: ”Linux? Over the last couple of decades I've installed various versions - often with some difficulty. As a replacement for Windows or MacOS for the average user - FORGET IT! Before that happens the arrogance and unhelpfulness of the Linux "community" will have to undergo a gigantic transformation. As will the various clunky interfaces. And most of us don't want to have to start learning a counter-intuitive command-line interface (25 years after abandoning one) in order to accomplish simple routine tasks. However useful Linux may be for web server and embedded applications it's a total non-starter (decades after starting) for ordinary users.”

Speartip: ”That's not my experience as an average user either. Granted there is a learning curve, as with anything different, but with a bit of patience, it's not to difficult. Anytime I have to use Windows now I'm amazed at how slow & poor it is for a commercial product.”

Dimitris: ”Your view of Linux as an every day desktop is somewhat skewed and you might want to do a refresher course on it. Everyday users don't mind learning something new if it's gonna make their lives easier and only those who expect Linux to fold their laundry, cut the lawn for them and take the kids to school so they can sleep their lives away can say that Linux hasn't been a good alternative for an average user.”

Thor: ”Microsoft is too suicidal to kill anything but itself. Each Windows is uglier and senseless. No breakthrough ideas, no original solutions. Nada! Windows still no working good on low-end devices AND on servers. Microsoft has lost the mail wars, the web browser wars, and it's about to lose the OS wars. Windows is sticking to the desktops, yet mobile computing and non-mobile servers are the future. There's no future for the bulky desktops or even big laptops.”

Tim M: ”I love Linux. At home, I don't even own an MS machine (Linux Mint and two chromebooks).

However, Microsoft can kill Linux at will, simply by releasing their own version of it, open source and free, with the same desktop as Windows.

Being able to maneuver around without learning a new desktop would get most new users to switch to the MS version. It would be a fatal * to most alternative desktops, like KDE. It would be a huge * to Ubuntu Unity and Gnome.

Follow up by offering paid support for MS Linux, and undercut Red Hat and Ubuntu. These two linchpin distros are the baseline for 90% of the Linux flavors out there. Drive them out of business, and they take most of Linux with them.

Lastly, hire key linux devs to work exclusively on the MS version. Then, continue development on Windows, while letting MS Linux stagnate. Linux dies on the vine.

The only reason they have not done so already is, they still don't see Linux as worth the effort to kill. The moment they see it as a real threat, it's dead.”

Boooo: ”The moment they see it as a real threat it will already be too late. And, as others have said, it is not Linux that is killing Windows, it is Microsoft that is killing Windows.”

Abe: ”If MS creates its own version of Linux, all its software and all software developed by third parties for Windows ONLY, will have to be ported to run on Linux also. And that my friend would be the most important biggest service any one would do for Linux. ”

Claude: ”Rather than create their own MS Linux, Microsoft should embrace the Apple model and adopt a BSD kernel. Then graft enough MS stuff (dll) to make it look and function like their current windows offering thus solving their security and privacy problems.”

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