The big greenfield cannabis cloud

How marijuana growers are leveraging big data analytics and cloud computing to boost productivity and sales

Imagine an agribusiness that never had access to a modern commodities market and had never used any real information technology. Suddenly, it had the opportunity to leap into high tech and potentially enjoy whole new economies of scale -- a pure greenfield proposition. What would happen?

With new international and state legalization, as well as a current moratorium on federal enforcement, marijuana is that agribusiness. Untouched by the traditions of an internal IT practice, it's creating a road map for the future, charted almost entirely in the cloud.

Out of the filing cabinet and into the cloud

To be clear, trepidation remains about digitizing the business side of cannabis. Ask Eddie Miller, CEO of eCann, which runs a site called

Because of the gray area in the laws, I find that a lot of the actual vendors, the retailers, the cultivators are reluctant to go into the cloud, put their data into the cloud, to share this type of information and to have digital records of it.

Nonetheless, with multistate legalization and optimism that federal legalization will follow, some organizations have started moving to the cloud and integrating analytical technologies.

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