Chromebooks: Asus Flip or Acer 11.6 for Linux?

In today's open source roundup: Is the Asus Flip or the Acer 11.6 Chromebook a better buy for Linux? Plus: Five reasons why Ubuntu is so popular. And the status of Wayland and Mir in Manjaro Linux 2015.08 "KDE-Next"

Chromebooks: Asus Flip or Acer 11.6 for Linux?

Chromebooks have been burning up the sales charts at Amazon, and one redditor recently had a question about which model to buy. He wanted to know if the Asus Flip or Acer 11.6 was a better value and a better bet to run Linux. It's a tough question since both laptops are rated 4.5 stars by Amazon customers, and there are pluses and minuses to each model.

Mirazsyed asked his question in the Chrome OS subreddit:

I am looking to buy a new laptop and I think Chromebooks are the way for me to go. I am on a tight budget, but I could ask my father for more money. So my dilemma is picking between the Acer 11.6 chromebook[1] or the Asus Flip chromebook[2] .

I'll be using it mostly to browse the web and watch videos on YouTube. I might play some light games and even install Linux onto it. The screen size difference isn't a huge deal.

The Acer is so cheap that I am wondering why I'm even looking at others, but the Asus looks so good that I'd feel like I'm using a MacBook 2015, which TBH looks quite good.

I'll mostly use the computers at my University's computer labs for heavier work, but I need something ultra portable and easy to use wherever and whenever. Will the Acer do, or am I missing out on something awesome without the Asus?

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His fellow redditors responded with their suggestions and thoughts:

Primtimtecanuck: ”If you're going to install Linux, the Acer might be the way to go. The Linux support is better for the x86 processor on the Acer as opposed to the Rockchip (ARM-based) on the Asus Flip.

That said, the Flip is really nice and portable. Way better screen than the Acer.”

Mirazsyed: ”The screen is great and the build is amazing. Is there no way to install Linux on ARM processors?”

Primetimecanuck: ”There are ways. But it's more involved than x86 based computers. Also, like I mentioned, Linux support is better and you'll find more programs supported for x86 based computers.

I re-read your original post again, and I must agree with you that using the Flip makes me feel like I'm using a higher end laptop because of the aluminum build. The thin and sleek body just looks and feels good.”

Justeducation: ”Get 4GB. Spotify alone takes up 1.2GB of RAM. YouTube another half gig. The various Google apps about 100+ gigs each. So unless you want to be constantly waiting for your Chromebook to swap stuff in and out of RAM, get 4GB. There is a comparison video on YouTube. ”

Yusoffb01: ”Flip! Better screen.”

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