6 next-gen monitoring tools tackle Docker

Containers: It's what's inside that counts. And container monitoring, the technology of peering into running Docker containers to find out what's going on within, helps you get a leg up. As Docker's own APIs for monitoring and introspection have matured, so has the latest wave of container-monitoring tech that leverages them.

Here are six apps and services that span the gamut of what's going on in monitoring, from simple open source tooling to sophisticated monitoring that's part of a holistic, enterprise-spanning solution.


Google's answer to the container introspection problem is cAdvisor, a utility that itself is crated in a Docker container and generates quick, useful information on the basic behaviors of running containers. It's simple to deploy and use, perhaps to a fault -- you can monitor only other containers running on the same host, so it's not as useful for multinode deployments. Plus, any long-term aggregation or distillation of statistics is entirely up to you.


Brewed up in the labs of Soundcloud, Prometheus.io is an open source framework for systems monitoring and alerting. Its power lies in how it can ingest data from a colossal spectrum of sources, including containers. Even better, the data sources for containers aren't limited and cover the likes of cAdvisor, Kubernetes, and CoreOS's Etcd.

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