Who can stop malware? It starts with advertisers

Malware masquerading as advertising is a growing problem, and the ad industry must figure out how to weed out scammers from legitimate companies

Who can stop malware? It starts with advertisers

As the practice of delivering malware through online ads becomes increasingly popular among cyber criminals, the advertising industry has to rethink how it handles online advertisements.

In the month of August alone, researchers at the antivirus firm Malwarebytes have found and reported several so-called malvertising campaigns, including the big campaign that inserted malicious ads into the ad network used by Yahoo and its subsites, such as News, Finance, and Games. The same bad actor also tricked the ad network used by eBay. Similar campaigns impacted visitors to dating site PlentyOfFish and the media content site for Australian telecommunications provider Telstra this week, and the same ad network displayed malicious ads on MSN, Malwarebytes said. 

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