Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on VDI

VDI offers an attractive lower-cost desktop alternative

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Virtual desktop infrastructure, better known as VDI, is undergoing a new life. A few years ago, it was plagued by lackluster user experiences and cost overruns. Now, thanks to an injection of new technology and better implementations, there’s a lot to like. Faster, cheaper technology has made it an interesting option for companies seeking a way to support flexible, work-from-anywhere environments.

How does this transformation happen? This get-up-to-speed guide explores how VDI can help organizations navigate shifts in business, and user needs

This free guide includes:

On point: VDI helps organizations navigate shifts in business, user needs
The players: 3 leading VM hypervisors compared
Key considerations: Mobility, infrastructure improvements
In practice: National Specialty Alloys and Indiana University on storage and user requirements
Checklist: The first 8 questions you need to ask
Words of wisdom: Users and experts share lessons learned

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