Does the Chrome web store suck?

In today's open source roundup: Some users think that the Chrome web store sucks. Plus: Wine 1.7.48 offers better support for Windows games and apps. And KDE unleashes Plasma Mobile Linux OS for phones

Does the Chrome web store suck?

Google's Chrome web browser is undeniably one of the most popular browsers around. But are there serious problems with the Chrome web store itself? Some users think that the Chrome web store sucks and that Google needs to do something about it.

The FireRTC blog reports:

To be fair, the Chrome Web Store is not the world's worst app store. It's just almost the worst, ranking somewhere between the Blackberry App World and the Windows App Store. But, with some small improvements, it can be significantly better.

The Good

1. Quick, easy to publish

2. Region and language options

The Bad

1. Lots of “apps” that are merely links to websites

2. The relationship between apps and extensions is confusing

3. Apps are difficult to find when installed

4. Poor analytics

5. Stats and ratings update haphazardly

6. Recommendations make no sense

7. Ironically, search sucks

8. Terrible browsing experience

More at the FireRTC Blog

The FireRTC Blog post spawned a reddit thread and Chrome OS redditors shared their thoughts:

Synt: "My biggest gripe is that I can't use my Google Play credit on things in the Chrome Web Store. Google needs to unify that."

Im: "I find adding the filter "available offline" tends to weed out the "apps" that are really just websites. If there's no actual app available, fine offer me websites that can do what I want but pretending a website is an app annoys me to no end."

Berkough: "This is my biggest gripe. So annoying. Especially now, in the post-NaCl world."

Mortenlu: "Yep. Pretty hard to disagree with those points. Also, I don't know if it was a bug recently, but I could not find certain apps (think it was the hangouts app) by searching for the name. Let's hope we see some improvements soon."

Rfry11: "I really feel like Google is just going to shutdown the web store and fold it into Google Play with an updated system. It's how they fix anything."

Brokedown: "I don't have any trouble finding my Chrome apps on my Linux desktops. They show up in the system menu under "Chrome Apps"."

Jotebe: "All great points. The search is the worst for me personally. On an aside, I'm glad you linked this blog. This app sounds excellent and I'm surprised I haven't heard of it."

Vegan: "So the part I'm not clear on is why Google said (over a year ago now) that they are going to make Android apps playable on chrome OS but we still are not seeing that. There is like 8 available. How long am I expected to wait without being frustrated?"

Zirzo: "About searching for an app/extension; you would be way better off searching the name+chrome in google than in the chrome web store."

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