Should there be a $99 Chromebook?

In today's open source roundup: Would you buy a $99 Chromebook? Plus: DistroWatch reviews SolydXK 201506. And North Korea's version of Linux includes content tracker

Should there be a $99 Chromebook?

Chromebooks have been big sellers on Amazon for a long time now, with prices running from $150 on up. But one Chrome OS redditor recently wondered if it was time for there to be a $99 Chromebook. He got some interesting answers from his fellow redditors.

VictoryGoth asked his question about a $99 Chromebook:

Do you think a $99 Chromebook would (or even should) someday be possible?

I would be really curious to see how that would work, although I wouldn't buy one.

Probably 1GB RAM and only 8GB storage. I wonder how Chrome OS would run on only 1GB RAM.

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His fellow Chrome OS redditors responded with their thoughts about a $99 Chromebook:

Gargenville: "They're already building (horrible) Android laptops to that price point so it's just a matter of time until someone loads one with ChromeOS."

VictoryGoth: "Well, regardless, Chrome OS is so much better suited for a laptop form factor than Android is. Android laptops have always been horrible, no matter how good the specs, because Android is not a desktop OS, it's best in smartphones and tablets. This is probably why Google invented Chrome OS in the first place. I think even a super cheap $99 Chromebook would be better than any Android laptop. It wouldn't be the best Chrome OS experience or anything, but I don't think it would be horrible."

Zak: "Google won't approve a ChromeOS device with such terrible performance."

Voltron: "A $99 Chromebox would likely already be possible using the Rockchip 3288 SoC and 2 GB of RAM with 16 GB eMMC flash storage. I can't imagine pulling the guts out of the Hisense/Haier Chromebook and selling that without a screen or keyboard would retail for more than $99 MSRP.

That said, I shudder to think what a $99 Chromebook would be like right now. Maybe in a few years we'll have stair-stepped down to it."

ShutupJosh: "I just bought a 2GB RAM and 16 GB Acer Chromebook for $109,I'm happy with it."

DrEmilio: "I have the same one and it's pretty sweet. Best value of anything I've bought in a long time."

Mcnc: "I suppose in the future if ram prices and storage got cheap enough, we could get $99 chrome books with 4GB ram and 16GB storage but they would probably still be gimped in some way. They would probably still be stuck with 1366x768 screens in 2029. 1GB of ram for chrome os currently might be doable now for like 2 or 3 tabs max."

GiraffeTaxi: "New? Sure I think it's possible, probably pretty soon through sales or rebates.

A few weeks ago I caught a sale on NewEgg and picked up a new Chromebook for $155, including taxes and shipping. It was an ASUS EeeBook C201PA-DS02 Chromebook Rockchip RK3288 (1.80GHz) 4GB Memory 16GB SSD.

I wouldn't be surprised if 1+ year old models that of leftover retail stock have already broken the $100 barrier."

Jotebe: "I don't think 1GB of Ram would be good for a Chromebook and I hope they never make one.

I think, just like the "199" and the later "99" for a "good tablet" price points, lowered cost of materials will get us there eventually. Probably a rockchip Chromebook with 2 gigs of Ram, 16 gb storage, very basic stuff."

Gonexploring: "The other day at Walmart I saw one from some unknown brand for only $150, so I suppose it's possible."

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