9 ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet

Public keys, trusted hardware, block chains -- developers should use these tech tools to help secure the Internet for all

9 ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet
geralt via pixabay

The Internet is a pit of epistemological chaos. As Peter Steiner posited -- and millions of chuckles peer-reviewed -- in his famous New Yorker cartoon, there's no way to know if you're swapping packets with a dog or the bank that claims to safeguard your money. To make matters worse, Edward Snowden has revealed that the NSA may be squirreling away a copy of some or all of our packets, and given the ease with which it can be done, other countries and a number of rogue hacker groups may very well be following the NSA's lead.

Yet we keep dumping our data into the routers, blithely assuming it will all work out. When it doesn't, well, the trouble is manageable. Hackers may be rooting around in federal computers, stealing copies of your taxes, but until they start paying your taxes too, it probably won't make much difference. When someone stole my credit card to buy an iPad at Office Depot, the credit card company covered the loss. It's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security like this.

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