JSF 2.3 aims to be the default MVC framework for Java EE

Due in the third quarter of 2016, JSF 2.3 is being positioned as the default MVC framework for Java EE. Four categories of improvement are listed in the JSR:

  1. Small scale new features
  2. Community driven improvements
  3. Platform integration
  4. Action oriented MVC support

When the JSR was released last July, JSF contributor Arjan Timm noted some of the trade-offs required to better integrate JSF with Java EE 8:

One thing that JSF has been working towards is pushing away functionality that became available in the larger Java EE platform [...] ditching its own managed bean model, its own DI system, and its own expression language.

Utilizing the existing functionality in Java EE enables JSF's development team to fous JSF's unique features and community driven improvements, including updates to JSF components and component iteration, state model, and AJAX features.

Read more about development priorities for JSF 2.3 in Arjan's "What's new in JSF 2.3" (February 2015) and the "JSF 2.3 wish list" series (July 2014).

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