Will Linux survive the death of Linus Torvalds?

In today's open source roundup: What would happen to Linux if Linus died? Plus: The Linux Foundation's scholarship program. And Tor Browser 4.5.2 released

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The Linux Foundation's scholarship program

The Linux Foundation has been very proactive in trying to bring more people into the Linux community. And now the organization is offering scholarships to encourage people to consider careers in Linux.

Brian Fagioli reports for Beta News:

Are you happy with your life? Maybe you are stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you are unemployed and living on your mom's couch. Hell, maybe you just need to enhance your skills for your current job. You know you need to make a change, but you keep putting it off. What is a smart path to take?

Linux. Yes, careers involved in Linux are in high demand. Getting certified in some way is not only personally rewarding, but also improves your employment potential by bolstering your resume. If you do not have money for such a thing, I have good news -- you could get a scholarship from The Linux Foundation. In other words, you can get a free education and certification. Will you improve your life by applying?

"The Linux Foundation this year is expanding its Scholarship Program to enable more individuals to get started in a lucrative IT career or to increase their Linux skill set. Fourteen scholarships will be awarded in seven categories to individuals who demonstrate need and who have already displayed interest in or knowledge of Linux and open source software. This is nine more scholarship opportunities than in years past, and includes two new categories: Linux Newbies and Teens-in-Training", says The Linux Foundation.

More at Beta News

Tor Browser 4.5.2 released

The Tor Browser can be an important tool to help protect your privacy on the Internet. And now the Tor developers have announced that version 4.5.2 of the Tor Browser is available for download.

A new release for the stable Tor Browser is available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

Tor Browser 4.5.2 provides a fix for the Logjam attack (https://weakdh.org/) and updates a number of Tor Browser components: Tor to version, Torbutton to version, NoScript to version and HTTPS-Everywhere to version 5.0.5. Moreover, it fixes a possible crash on Linux and avoids breaking the Add-ons page if Torbutton is disabled.

Here is the complete changelog since 4.5.1:

All Platforms
Update Tor to
Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1n
Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.0.5
Update NoScript to
Update Torbutton to
Bug 15984: Disabling Torbutton breaks the Add-ons Manager
Bug 14429: Make sure the automatic resizing is disabled
Translation updates
Bug 16130: Defend against logjam attack
Bug 15984: Disabling Torbutton breaks the Add-ons Manager

Bug 16026: Fix crash in GStreamer
Bug 16083: Update comment in start-tor-browser

More at Tor

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