Is SourceForge hijacking project accounts?

In today's open source roundup: Did SourceForge hijack The GIMP's project account? Plus: Valve enmeshed in Tux logo drama. And SwiftKey for Android updated

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Valve enmeshed in Tux logo controversy

Valve has been busy working on its SteamOS operating system. But the company recently stumbled into an ugly controversy when it switched the Tux logo to the SteamOS one.

Marius Nestor reports for Softpedia:

So this just happened! It would appear that Valve just took the decision, without asking users first, to change the Tux logo with the SteamOS one on both the Steam website and the desktop client.

We understand that the change is part of Valve's plans to expand further and to promote its SteamOS operating system, which is a GNU/Linux distribution derived from the well-known Debian project and built around the Steam for Linux client.

What we don't understand, is why replace the Tux penguin logo, which is the official mascot of Linux, with the SteamOS logo? The change will undoubtedly confuse new users who want to make the switch to an open-source operating system and buy Linux games from Steam.

More at Softpedia

SwiftKey for Android gets an update

SwiftKey is a popular keyboard alternative for Android. The app has been updated and the new version contains a default Carbon theme, along with a new settings interface.

John Callaham reports for Android Central:

The SwiftKey virtual keyboard is a popular choice for Android smartphones, and today it's rolling out a big update in the Google Play Store with a number of new features and additions, including a new default theme and a revamped settings section. Carbon is replacing Nickel as the default theme for SwiftKey Android users with this update.

The SwiftKey Hub, which has previously been part of the Android beta version, is now available for all Android users.

Finally, it offers users the option to securely predict when they will need their passwords and make them available quickly, as part of SwiftKey's partnership with the Dashlane password manager company.

More at Android Central

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