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In today's open source roundup: Discover secret Linux tricks. Plus: Five of the best gaming distros for Linux. And 3D platformer games for Linux?

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Five top Linux gaming distros

Linux gamers are awash in riches these days, and that extends to desktop distributions. TechRadar has a roundup of five of the most popular Linux gaming distros currently available. So do check it out if you're a Linux gamer.

Shashank Sharma reports for TechRadar:

Unlike most other genres of Linux distributions, gaming distros aren't a thriving bunch. But this isn't because Linux users dislike games, instead it's due to the fact that this niche category is almost redundant thanks to most modern desktop distros. Almost all desktop distros are equipped nowadays with drivers for most modern graphics cards, which means that just about any distro can be turned into a gaming station.

Despite this, some distros continue to churn out special gaming editions which provide hundreds of games right out of the gate, and the means to install even more with additional software such as Play on Linux, Wine and Steam.

So without further ado, we'll highlight five of the best gaming distros.

Fedora Games Spin
Sparky Linux
Ubuntu Gamepack

More at TechRadar

3D platformer games for Linux?

Speaking of games, the topic of 3D platformer games came up in a thread on the Linux Gaming subreddit. One redditor was excited about a new 3D platformer coming to Linux, and asked others for similar games that they liked.

SaadN31 asked about 3D platformers on Linux:

I am excited after a long time when I saw this.[1] Last time I played Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity ([2] ) on ps2 in 2004, after that some 2D games on ds emulator and recently Mini Dash on

I am happy to see a this type of game coming in 2016. If you have any 3D platformers in mind, post them below, for Windows, Mac and Linux of this decade only. Windows, Mac and Linux games here.

More at Reddit

His fellow redditors offered their thoughts about 3D platformers that run on Linux:

Karmiktoucan: "I can remember only two decent 3d platformers that were released on linux: Psychonauts and Tiny&Big: Grandpa's Leftovers. There is also The Last Tinker: City of Colors but I am not sure that it can be called platformer."

SaadN31: "The Last Tinker: City of Colors is similar to Ratchet and Clank series. Mostly a game for children. Tiny&Big: Grandpa's Leftovers is interesting though.[1] And Psychonauts is okay."

VitulusAureus: "I'd recommend Trine. Technically, it's 2.5d, but the stunning visuals will make up for the missing 1/2 dimension."

Zerothis: "Personally I find irrlamb to be fun (no flashy cartoony characters though). The other performers I enjoy have already been mentioned. Haven't tried Not Without My Robots, but I'd like too.

While Linux may offer only a few choices for any particular type of game, this is not the case for 3D Platformers. There are currently 51 such titles:[1] That is an ever expanding list."

WilliamTheBreaker: "In this decade? You won't find many. There is a reason why a game like Yooka Layle is on kickstarter. :p"

More at Reddit

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