Linux secrets most users don't know about

In today's open source roundup: Discover secret Linux tricks. Plus: Five of the best gaming distros for Linux. And 3D platformer games for Linux?

Linux secrets most users don't know about

A reddit discussion that focused on things about Linux that most users don't know has gotten tons of responses, and some of them are quite interesting and informative.

Malefairy asked his question in the Linux subreddit:

What are some linux 'secrets' most users don't know about?

For example the 'Alt-SysRq' key combination, I just learned about that and am curious to know if there are some other 'secrets'.

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His fellow Linux redditors responded with their knowledge of Linux secrets:

Exex: "Not sure about most, but I suppose at least a few don't know about the Magic SysRq key."

Uoou: "The at command combined with something like notify-send is really handy for short-term one-off reminders."

Gsxr: "Don't have nc? telnet? nmap? and don't feel like writing a python/perl/* script? Use /dev/tcp/${ip || hostname}/${port}"

Opheltes: "1) Screen is a fantastic command that I didn't know about until after I'd used linux for about 10 years.

2) You can use ssh for more than logging into a remote machine - you can also use it to execute commands remotely, e.g. ssh [hostname] [command]

3) chkrootkit - Just found out about this one recently. It does a security scan for malware on your system. (I did run into a false positive on the suckit rootkit check)"

BarqsDew: "Tmux is an alternative to screen. Tmux is superior (unless you're connecting to a serial console, but pff), mostly because it's not ungooglable. :)"

Faviu2: "The date command accepts free-form input."

Devel_watcher: "You can scroll tty with Shift."

Skaarj: "A lot of outdated tutorials tell you that your need to specify the compression method when unpacking with tar. This is false. tar can detect the file format and tar xf FILENAME is all you need to unpack a file."

Flameleaf: "If you're on Arch Linux, try adding ILoveCandy to your pacman.conf"

Auxiliary-character: "Ctrl + R in bash will let you search your history."

Kei_katsuga: "Add "Defaults insults" in your sudoers file(sudo visudo) and see your computer insult you as you type wrong password for sudo."

B-Con: "The SIGSTOP signal.

It forces the process it's sent to to stop executing (it's one of the two signals that the process can't catch, so even deadlocked userspace apps aren't immune to it). It's handy for runaway processes eating CPU (or whatever) that you want to just stop for the moment so you can go do something else but you don't want to actually exit for some reason and re-open.

Resume the process later with SIGCONT."

MadMakz: "More fun:"

Paradiesstaub: "It is possible to increase the maximum cached terminal output line count. When using git status sometimes the default gnome-terminal max-line-count is to low to display all content, therefore I always set it to 2000 lines (piping to less is not a solution because syntax highlighting would be lost)."

J1r1k: "Alt + . (dot) in bash. Last argument of previous command. It took me few years to discover this."

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