How many Chrome OS devices do you own?

In today's open source roundup: Chrome OS users often own more than one device. Plus: DistroWatch reviews Ubuntu 15.04. And VLC 1.3.2 has been released for Android

How many Chrome OS devices do you own?

Chrome OS devices have proven to be quite popular with Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromecast devices all regularly showing up in Amazon's various bestseller lists, and also getting good ratings and reviews by the people who have bought them.

Jarec707 asked his fellow redditors how many Chrome OS devices they owned:

Hello Reddit, How many ChromeOS devices is it reasonable to have?

I ask because I just got a Toshiba CB2 and am thinking of selling my old Acer C720. But then I realized that I'd only get $100 or so for it, and that maybe I should keep it as something more compact and rugged that I can comfortably throw in a backpack etc. without worrying about it, and use the CB2 for couch browsing etc.

What are you doing? Thanks!

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His fellow Chrome OS redditors shared their thoughts:

Shadowish: "I have a Toshiba CB2 and the Samsung Arm chromebook, which is about 2 years old. If ever need to use the Samsung chromebook, because I forgot my charger at work for my CB2 or some other reason. It always boots up fast and feels exactly the same as the day I stopped using it regularly. Can't say the same about my windows laptop that stopped working properly after a year of use.

I think its great to have a couple around. There is now pain switching between them, and you might find it useful at some point."

Wynterwind: "I have two, a Toshiba Chromebook and a new Toshiba Chromebook 2 with the IPS screen. The older model I've hooked up to a monitor/kb/mouse and use as a "Chromebox" for RDP, ssh, and secure web browsing. The new one is my default travel system doing everything I need to on the go."

Outbound: "Just one Chromebook.

Mostly, its a replacement for my tablet+keyboard that I'd lug around with me everywhere. I realized that I really needed a smallish, light, browsing laptop with a good screen and half-decent keyboard and ended up with a Chromebook. The fact that I can load up Linux when needed is an awesome bonus. I rarely bring a laptop when I'm travelling as the little HP11G2 is all I need.

But, because I never powerdown my Chromebook (I just close the lid and sleep), its very handy at home when I just want to look something up. I also use it to couchbrowse, or watch a video (in bed, in the backyard, in the tub).

I can't really see keeping a second Chromebook around - I treat it like my phone. My Chromebook is always with me. A second one would just run out of juice and gather dust unused. When it comes time to replace mine, I'll find it a good home (probably give it to a friend or family member)."

Amnicel: "One, an HP 14 (2955U/4GB model). I am seriously considering buying other ChromeOS devices, though. I think a Chromebox would be perfect for my grandmother. I am really getting tired of dealing with her Windows machine."

Gtrays: "Just one for the moment, a new Pixel LS. I'm going to get a Chromebox to replace my desktop at home, though.

I gave away my CR-48 a couple of years ago and I sold my Samsung Chromebook when I bought the LS."

Spfldadm: "I have 3, Samsung 11", HP 14" and a Samsung Chromebox. Love them all."

Brokedown: "I've got a Samsung chromebook 2 13" 1080p, my GF has the HP14, and we've got a Samsung Series 3 that visitors can use or for light travelling. Always nice to have an extra that you're not overly concerned about!"

Jazzyfjj13: "Does a Chromecast count? If so then 4, 3 Chromecasts and a Dell 11 inch Chromebook."

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