Microsoft releases Visual Studio Code for Linux

In today's open source roundup: Microsoft offers .NET tool for Linux. Plus: SuperTuxKart gets a major upgrade. And play the Chocolate Doom game in Debian

Microsoft releases .NET tool for Linux

Microsoft and Linux have always had relationship. But now the company has released a Visual Studio Code tool for Linux that should make it easy to develop .NET code. You can download Visual Studio Code for Linux right now.

Owen Williams reports for The Next Web:

Today at Build, Microsoft unveiled its first version of Visual Studio for Mac and Linux. The new tool, called Visual Studio Code, makes it easy to develop .NET code along with many other programming languages on Linux based systems.

It’s monumental for Microsoft as it marks the first time the company has ever made Visual Studio cross-platform, truly embracing those that it’s previously feuded with.

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Linux redditors shared their thoughts about Microsoft's latest move with Linux:

Cac2573: "If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won.

—Linus Torvalds"

Job_5: "It honestly does feel like we won something. The former top dog is now making things for the little guy. I love it."

Carltherapper: "You can even write linux apps in Visual Studio now. It's crazy. (Though from what I got from the keynote it's either only docker apps or any .net app."

Benkuyendall: "It is proprietary ( However, I would not be too surprised if MS re-licenced at some point, as they have been doing with a number of related products."

Tweakers: "Considering Microsoft's history, a person would be a fool to run MS code on their Linux boxen without doing a full code check. Just sayin'."

Vytah: When MS acquired Skype, I said "eh, it's not their code".

When MS updated Skype, I said "eh, it's just a minor update".

When MS released Office for Android, I said "isn't it just a bottled HTML 5, and besides it's not GNU/Linux, so it doesn't count".

Now I can't say anything.

MysterOn: "My usual reaction to something like this is waiting till I hear a comment from admiral Ackbar. But on the other hand : MS supporting Linux is kind of a big deal, no?"

Spiessbuerger: "Meanwhile everyone is waiting for Gnome builder."

082726w5: "Is this an editor or an ide?

How does it compare to current favourites like vim, eclipse or idea? (and what about that new builder thing?)"

Carltherapper: "It's more of an editor. It probably isn't as full featured as vim, but I'd say it's most likely going to be on par with apps like sublime text."

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