New Node.js coalition spotlights enterprises

PayPal and Intuit throw support behind EnterpriseJS Coalition, which will host events and produce content about JavaScript in business environments

Another industry organization focused on Node.js has formed, albeit one with sparse membership at this juncture.

Node.js support company NodeSource, along with Node.js users Intuit and PayPal, have formed the EnterpriseJS Coalition, which will attempt to boost server-side JavaScript development for the enterprise through collaboration, conversation, and education. The organization comes on the heels of the formation of the Node.js Foundation, founded to provide an independent governance model for Node.js, and featuring PayPal as a member.

Both Node.js and JavaScript education will be priorities, and EnterpriseJS will host events and produce content regarding the use of JavaScript in enterprise environments. The first quarterly event is happening in Austin, Texas, on May 21.

Node.js has become popular on the server side as a JavaScript solution in enterprises. "The rise of JavaScript in the enterprise is reaching a stage of maturity where the demand for knowledge and best practices on how to scale JavaScript inside large, multi-team IT organizations is reaching unprecedented levels," Joe McCann, NodeSource founder, said an email. "EnterpriseJS is an extension of the greater JavaScript and open source communities and is primarily focused on elevating server-side JavaScript development for the enterprise."

Absent from the coalition, at least right now, are important players like Joyent, which has shepherded development of the platform. But all are welcome to participate by attending an event, sponsoring, speaking or sharing content, McCann said. "As with any network, the more members that are in it, the stronger the network effect."

McCann said as of 2015, it was "almost impossible to find a member of the Fortune 500 who is not using Node in some capacity." PayPal, Intuit, and NodeSource have all had success using Node.js, and the trend is only accelerating with many other companies reaping the benefits, he said.

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