Video: Brendan Eich celebrates the rise of JavaScript compilers

In his Fluent Conference keynote, the JavaScript creator outlines where the language is headed and the role compilers have played in its growth

"I'm thinking back to 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines'," says JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich in his keynote at Fluent Conference 2015, "and we're seeing the rise of the compilers with JavaScript. It's exciting, it's what I've been predicting for too long like a mad prophet, and it's coming true."

In the taut 20-minute video above, Eich takes viewers through the JavaScript solar system: the core of JavaScript, plus the various add-ons, features, and related technologies that orbit it. He outlines plans for future JavaScript enhancements and addresses developments like static typing, but as his title and opening comments aver, his real focus is on compilers.

"It's really great the developer community has embraced compilation because it's inevitable," says Eich. "It's the way you solve the version problem on the Web that's always there as long as you have different browsers rolling out at different times and different install bases lingering on all browsers."

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