The blue screen of death in Linux?

In today's open source roundup: A user got the infamous blue screen of Linux! Plus: Nvidia's new hardware is not open source friendly. And rsync as a Time Machine type backup for Unix

The blue screen of death in Linux?

Windows is infamous for the "blue screen of death" that millions of users have encountered over the years. But I've never heard of a Linux user getting one...until today. Yes, a Linux user actually got a blue screen of death. This may be the first time in history that we've seen something like this in Linux.

Marco Trevisan shared his blue screen of death in Linux experience on Google+:

So, for the first time in my life I got a BSoD in Linux...Thank you, radeon! :-/

Really, I did nothing... I was just trying to suspend my machine and... BUM!

I'm not that desperate to do a fake screen picture... It just happened while trying to suspend. It just happened, I've not a clue why.

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linux blue screen of death Image credit: Marco Trevisan

Marco's fellow Google+ users shared their thoughts :

Corey Drew Bruce: "I call fake as the screen is blue and if it was a kernal panic or the display driver not working it would be black with white text."

Daniel Mitzlaff: "Were you still able to ssh into this machine and give it a regular shutdown/reboot command? ;)"

Filippo Angioli: "Awesome!!!"

Achille Benetton: "It's a feature ;D"

Mirco Muller: "Well... see the positive side, you still have a good success-to-failure rate overall ;-)"

Edward Kent: "That screen looks fishy too me. That color blue is not normal for linux. Even if it is true it sounds like an improper install."

Alberto Milone: "At least now you can't say that we didn't catch up with Windows :P"

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Linux redditors shared their thoughts about the blue screen of death:

Xefelqes: "I thought that was a feature exclusive to Windows."

Aszl3j: "Windows doesn't even have a blue screen anymore. I saw my share of kernel panics in Linux and OS X."

Sassywhat: "...I've had one Blue Screen on Windows 8.1, and it certainly still was blue, even if they changed the hue of blue."

LazinCajun: "My laptop with 8.1 bluescreened in the middle of my first update. Some database somewhere got corrupted, and now there are critical updates that won't install because of it. Reinstalling everything isn't really an option for me right now. Hooray linux!"

Medevila: "...Windows has a powder-blue screen with a frowny emoticon."

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