What's new in Ubuntu 15.04

In today's open source roundup: See the new features and changes in Ubuntu 15.04. Plus: The Samsung Galaxy S6 versus Apple's iPhone 6. And five command line tools for browsing the web and downloading files

Ubuntu 15.04's new features and changes

We're not far from the final release of Ubuntu 15.04. So it's a good time to take a peek at the changes and new features in Canonical's latest version of Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Ubuntu 15.04 might be somewhat underwhelming for those expecting tons of new features. There are some important changes, but most of them won't be apparent to desktop users.

Silviu Stahie reports for Softpedia:

Ubuntu 15.04 is not an exciting release, but that it's only a surface impression. The truth is that it's an important upgrade because some very important changes have been made, including the adoption of systemd.

Users will notice that not too many visual changes have been implemented in Ubuntu 15.04, but that was to be expected. The team is transitioning to a new Unity version that is still not ready for general use, so it's easy to understand why Ubuntu 15.04 is not all that different from Ubuntu 14.10.

1. Changes galore, but most of them under the hood.

2. Systemd replaces Upstart.

3. The Linux kernel has been upgraded to 3.19.3.

4. Unity and Compiz get minor upgrades.

5. Locally Integrated Menus are now default.

6. A new wallpaper has been implemented.

7. All the major apps have been upgraded.

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You can check out some of the new features and changes in Ubuntu 15.04 in this YouTube video:

Ubuntu redditors chimed in with their thoughts in a thread about Ubuntu 15.04:

Mrstejdm: "Apart from systemd it's a minor release. I used to jump from every 6 month release to another however since 14.04 I decided to just stick with LTS releases. New OS every two years is still a lot!"

Dogstarchampion: "Yep, I agree. I switched every 6 months before 14.04, but I never even bothered to download 14.10. The next Ubuntu I download will be 16.04 because the support is too limited on the standard releases. 14.04 is really damn stable and my system doesn't seem to be broken in any way since installing it about two weeks after release."

AkivaAvraham: ...Systemd I have noticed has improved my battery life extremely significantly, so in that respect I think this may be the best laptop relevant update.

Pydry: "It's a pretty vast change to the underlying system which means the potential for stuff to break during upgrade is high, which users will care about. I think for this particular release, and for this particular reason, when I have some time, I might wipe everything first and reinstall from scratch rather than doing do-release-upgrade. Might be a good opportunity to try out the new kubuntu plasma 5, too."

NotSteve: "I don't get locally integrated menus in unity. It makes the top bar 90% useless."

ManicQin: "So they abandoned the mac style menu in favor of lim?"

auRoscoe: "So basically the top bar is only used for notifications which almost means it's a waste of screen space. While there isn't a actual loss it would be good to get more functionality from the bar instead of less."

TheManThatWasntThere: "Well the locally integrated menu's are still in the menubar and take up no extra space, which is new. There's no other desktop that offers this through official means, although some KDE applet can offer the same functionality. In 15.04, the lim also does NOT require the window to have focus."

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