Firefox 37 released

In today's open source roundup: Firefox 37 is out. Plus: Debian 8 Jesse release date announced, and mass confusion ensues when Reddit reverses the Android and Apple subreddits

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Linux redditors shared their thoughts about the upcoming release of Debian 8

Thaxll: "A Debian release is like Star Wars, you only got to see a few in your life time!"

Dr_theopolis: "I'm looking forward to the special edition digitally remastered version of Debian."

Mongrol: "But unlike Starwars, there's more than one beard involved or... Unlike starwars, the beard actually listens to people or... Unlike Starwars, Debian gets better each release."

Oneeyed2: "My main gripe with Debian on desktop is that you need to tinker with fonts rendering or it still looks like crap on a default install. Getting Infinality Font to get something equivalent to the quality of Ubuntu is relatively easy though.

Other than that since I don't care much about new features I'm even OK staying on stable. As long as I get security updates it's all good for me.

When I want the newest/freshest apps though I prefer Arch (or Manjaro if you're lazy) or even Fedora over Debian unstable. But YMMV."

D3triment: "Please for the love of all that is holy tell me they made a new installer already."

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Reddit reverses the Android and Apple subreddits

Given today's date, some pranks were bound to happen. Sure enough I noticed that the Android and Apple subreddits suddenly looked a

As I'm sure you've noticed, Apple and Android fans don't generally mix well. So you can imagine how some of them felt going to their favorite subreddit and suddenly seeing the logo of their enemy prominently placed at the top of the page. Ouch!

And, of course, redditors had to get in on the action with prank threads. There was one from a guy in the Android subreddit who wanted to know how to go about worshipping Steve Jobs. Another Android redditor wanted to know what color Apple watch his fellow Android users planned on buying.

Over on the Apple subreddit, a redditor wondered if it had been hacked. He must have missed the thread about the switch that clarified what had happened to the two arch-enemy subreddits.

Here are a couple of screenshots for you to savor:

reddit android turned into apple
reddit apple turned into android

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