GNOME 3.16 released

In today's open source roundup: Check out what's new in GNOME 3.16. Plus: Will Windows 10 Secure Boot kill Linux? And the HTC One M9 will be available tonight at midnight

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Will Windows 10 Secure Boot kill Linux?

Microsoft's decision to let PC manufacturers decide whether or not a user can disable Secure Boot has some Linux users up in arms. Will this force Linux users to buy desktops and laptops that come with Linux preinstalled? Or is it all much ado about nothing?

Chris Hoffman reports for PC World:

In this future, the worst-case scenario means you’ll need to hunt down special PCs designed for Linux—ones that will likely be more expensive. Say goodbye to running Linux on all those PCs that came with Windows, just as you can’t install Linux on an iPad today. Linux PCs will exist, but they’ll be specialty, expensive bits of kit.

But is that bleak future really so possible? We’re leaving out a big piece of the puzzle here. Modern versions of some Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Fedora, will install just fine on a Windows PC that has Secure Boot enabled. Microsoft actually signs Canonical’s Ubuntu boot loader and Fedora’s boot loader with a Microsoft corporation key.’s impossible to peer into the future at this point. Will Microsoft really continue signing these Linux loaders and allowing them to function in Secure Boot mode in the future, or will they eventually stop doing that, too? If “for security reasons” is a good enough reason to block Linux from installing on a Windows RT device or Windows 10 phone, perhaps that logic will be extended to full Windows PCs in the future.

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HTC One M9 available tonight

HTC's One M9 phone has gotten tons of attention lately, and tonight at midnight you'll be able to order one directly from HTC. That's a much quicker way of getting one than waiting until April 10 to buy one at a store.

Vlad Savov reports for the Verge:

The HTC One M9 will be available in stores across the United States from April 10th, but you can get one a little bit earlier by placing an order directly with HTC from midnight tonight. The Taiwanese company has priced its new flagship smartphone at $649 unlocked with 32GB of storage, matching the price of the 16GB iPhone 6. Carrier-specific variants will also be available from on Friday, with all the big US operators supporting the new One: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon will all get a version of the device.

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You can get more information from the official HTC One M9 site:

An award-winning tradition continues: 20 MP camera with sapphire camera cover lens to deliver crisp, clear photos. Front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amp and Dolby Audio surround for the ultimate audio experience.

Dual-tone all-metal body features mirrored edges that are ergonomically tapered to effortlessly fit your grip. Its unibody back is curved to achieve the streamlined look and feel of the iconic HTC One series smartphones.

The HTC One M9 features more customizable options than ever. With the built-in HTC Themes app, you can change the look and feel of your phone using your favorite photo or online image. The HTC Themes app is able to pick colors from the photo and applies the theme you create to your wallpaper, icons, and more.

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