Scriptr: Write your Internet of things in JavaScript

The platform addresses challenges posed by IoT device processing and memory constraints

internet of things
ITworld/Steve Traynor

Scriptr, the company behind the the scripting engine launched this week, is looking to link developers to the Internet of things.

Combing cloud accessibility with the use of JavaScript,, or simply scriptr, enables developers to easily connect devices to the Internet. The company says that the IoT has expanded opportunities for developers but presents logistical challenges, such as devices constrained by limited processing and memory, making it difficult to code complex integrations and business logic. Scriptr attempts to solve these problems via cloud-based business logic and Web services, leveraged through a browser-based IDE. Developers can build custom APIs without dealing with server and application stack management.

"Everything you create under scriptr becomes a secure Web services API," Scriptr CEO Rabih Nassar said in an email. "Within each script, you can invoke any number of arbitrary third-party Web-services to create mashups -- or orchestrations -- of cloud services. An IoT developer would use scriptr to create the back-end services needed to support the business logic and orchestration needs of his application, and then invoke those APIs from his device." Current use cases from existing and potential customers have included industrial heavy machinery monitoring, wearables, and smart cities, said Nassar.

On the enterprise side, scriptr. is part of the data services exchange platform, Nassar said. "This provides scalable API access from inside scriptr to a growing list of enterprise cloud services, including big data, streaming databases, enterprise reporting, M2M, home automation platforms, etc."

Also in the cloud vein, Scriptr will offer a partner service, called, that abstracts the integration of popular consumer cloud platforms. An abstraction layer already is provided to integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Trilio, and Android and iOS push notifications

Scriptr envisions a lot of prototyping via a free version of the platform. "Our paying customers get their dedicated private cloud implementations. We charge based on the size of the dedicated server clusters and usage," Nassar said. In addition to basic scripting, higher-level constructs are planned that simplify development of server-side business logic, atomic-business rules, API mashups, and finite state-machines.

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