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In today's open source roundup: Ubuntu follows in the footsteps of Debian by switching to systemd. Plus: Ars reviews the Chromebook Pixel 2, and Blizzard won't release native Linux games

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Blizzard president confirms company won't support Linux

There's been quite a lot going on in Linux gaming these days, with more and more gaming companies becoming interested in Linux versions of their products. But Blizzard is one company that won't be releasing Linux versions of its games anytime soon.

Liam Dawe reports for GamingOnLinux:

In a sad turn of events, but not exactly surprising, the President of Blizzard responded to the petition calling for Blizzard to support Linux, the answer is obvious, but what's sad is the response from the petition creator. Here's the official response to Blizzard not being on Linux:

"I certainly appreciate your passion and enthusiasm around this. Those are some great comments that you have included below, but the numbers just aren’t there right now. Linux usage represents less than 2% of installed desktop operating systems browsing the web, and I would assume most of those people also have access to a Windows or Mac device capable of playing Blizzard games.

We will continue to monitor the growth of Linux, but it is very unlikely that this will be something that we pursue in the near future."

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GamingOnLinux readers shared their thoughts about Blizzard's refusal to support Linux:

Yaakuro: "If the Linux usage would pass a certain amount blizzard would support it because its all about money not being polite."

Xeekei: "The issue here is that Blizzard is one of the few large and popular enough that they can completely ignore Steam, and still thrive. In fact, a lot of their fans ONLY play their games, and don't even have Steam accounts. This a unique position."

Caldazar : "Oh crap, beware the zealots. I learned that from the "Linux is too hard for Joe Sixpack" debates.

How about telling the executive that we're not talking about short term "get rich" strategies here but about a get-as-platform-agnostic-as-you-can-and-profit-in-the-long-run investment?

But then, the zealots."

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The petition for Blizzard to support Linux is still up on Change.org:

For almost a decade now, the Linux gaming community have been requesting and requesting and requesting for you to show some love towards us. Sadly you have constantly ignored our requests.

Although it is understood why you would want to ignore Linux 10 years ago, it does not make sense today. The Linux desktop operating system has advanced so far over the years to where even the AMD/ATI graphic drivers have become quite good.

More at Change.org

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