MDM features and functions compared

Use this comprehensive checklist to compare 10 of the leading mobile device management suites

Mobile device management tools are transforming into enterprise mobility management (EMM), which includes app and data security, among many other things. And while all the major offerings in this arena cover the basics when it comes to hardware management, there are differences when it comes to some of the extended features you may require.

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This checklist is a good first step for assessing which products you might want to focus in on. But experts caution that there can be big differences in how features are deployed and work in the real world, so be sure to do extensive testing prior to deployment.

Editor's note: This chart was originally posted in May 2013 and was most recently updated on March 11, 2015. Since we posted the first version, Boxtone has been acquired by Good, and Fiberlink is now part of IBM. We chose the vendors and products included here based on conversations with independent analysts about which have significant market share or are important to include for other reasons including features and functions.

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