Bodhi Linux developers giving away Acer C720 Chromebook

In today's open source roundup: A donation to Bodhi Linux might get you an Acer C720 Chromebook. Plus: Why Zenwalk might be your next desktop distro, and rTorrent for Ubuntu

The Bodhi Linux Acer C720 Chromebook giveaway

Bodhi Linux is a popular desktop distribution for minimalists that depends on donations for its survival. And now the Bodhi Linux developers are giving away an Acer C720 Chromebook to a lucky person who makes a donation between now and May 15th.

Developer Jeff Hoogland has details about the Chromebook give away:

Whenever I am done working with development hardware I picked up for Bodhi Linux, instead of letting it rot in the corner of my basement I would prefer to give it back to our users. Last year we gave away an ARM powered Samsung Chromebook and this year I find myself with a spare Acer C720 Chromebook after recently upgrading to the i3 based version.

On May 15th 2015 we will be selecting a random person who donated 5 USD or more to the Bodhi Project in 2015. The selected person will be sent a gently used Acer C720 Chromebook powered by Bodhi Linux. The more a person donated the higher chance they will have of being selected.

If you have already donated to the Bodhi project in 2015 no extra effort is needed on your part. If you have been thinking about sending a donation our way now is a fantastic time to do as you might end up getting something back! Just head over to our donation page where you can donate via paypal as well as find a mailing address if you prefer a non-digital option. We will send the Chromebook anywhere in the world, but we do request that if the shipping costs to your location exceed 50 USD you cover any additional costs.

The model I have to give away has 4GB of RAM and has an upgraded 32GB hard drive. It will be configured with a fresh copy of Bodhi 3.0.0 by default.

More at Bodhi Linux

bodhi linux chromebook give away Image credit: Bodhi Linux

The Bodhi Wiki has more information about Bodhi Linux in case you want to give it a try on your computer:

Bodhi Linux is best know for it’s implementation of the Enlightenment Desktop environment. The team behind Bodhi Linux works to make the distribution as lean as possible and believes that the end user should be able to chose the applications that they want rather than have a bunch of preinstalled applications that no one wants to use. With these factors in mind, Bodhi Linux comes loaded with many Enlightenment based applications to create a functional desktop that is completely ready to use once installed.

The word Bodhi (rhymes with Jodie) is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning Enlightenment. Bodhi Linux is a Linux-based operating system based upon two things:


The Enlightenment desktop

Bodhi aims to strike a balance between providing nothing but a command-line interface and including everything plus the kitchen sink. So we provide you with a base system that is functional but not bloated. Bodhi’s default application set takes up less than 10MB of space in total, and includes just ePad (text editor), EFM (file manager), ePhoto (image viewer), Midori (web browser), and Terminology (terminal emulator). We believe that our users are smart enough to choose their own applications, the best of which can be installed through our AppCenter.

More at Bodhi Linux Wiki

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