Khronos announces openGL successor Vulkan

In today's open source roundup: Vulkan is the next generation successor to openGL. Plus: Korora 21 reviews, and Worms Clan Wars available on Linux

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Arindam Sen at Linuxed also had a review of Korora 21:

I am highly impressed with what Korora has to offer. It is significantly more user-friendly than Fedora and provides a stable, cutting edge easier to use distro. You don't need to be a geek to use Korora. I am no geek in Linux - just an average user. For 6 years I have used Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distros (like Mint, Zorin, etc.) for my production laptop and in 2015, I seriously wanted a break from Ubuntu. Korora gave me the option to formally shift from Ubuntu to Fedora. Further, I was facing issue of laptop heat in Ubuntu (not an nvidia issue), it has significantly minimized with Korora 21. Possibly the latest Linux kernel in Korora 21 helped to reduce heat.

I definitely recommend Korora Cinnamon for it's superior aesthetics, great user experience, cutting edge applications and commendable performance. It is to Fedora what Linux Mint is to Ubuntu. I go with a high score of 9.7/10 for Korora 21 Cinnamon.

More at Linuxed

The Korora site has the official news release about Korora 21:

It has taken a few weeks longer than we had hoped, but we're finally happy to announce that the final release of version 21 (codename "Darla") is now available for download (we strongly recommend using BitTorrent).


Cinnamon 2.4

GNOME 3.14

KDE Software Compilation 4.14.3

Xfce 4.10.1

More at Korora

Worms Clan Wars available on Linux

Are you a fan of the game Worms? Well now you can run Worms Clan Wars natively on Linux.

Liamdawe reports for GamingOnLinux:

Need your fix of Worms? Worms Clan Wars is now available natively on Linux, and a massive sale too! Time to send in the exploding sheep! I have extremely fond memories of playing Worms on my Amiga as kid, so this port pleases me to no end.

Did anyone else go into the settings and set all the best weapons to be unlimited...just me? The original was extremely fun, and especially fun with human players. I look forward to kicking your asses online.

More at GamingOnLinux

Here's a preview of Worms Clan Wars via YouTube:

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