Review: Microsoft Azure beats Amazon and Google for mobile development

Easier than Amazon's Mobile SDK and more complete than Google's Firebase, Azure Mobile Services has more of what developers need

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At a Glance
  • Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

  • Google Firebase

  • Amazon AWS Mobile SDK

In the last year I've reviewed six MBaaS (mobile back end as a service) platforms: FeedHenry, Kinvey, Parse, AnyPresence, Appcelerator, and I also briefly examined the MBaaS platforms associated with Pivotal CF and IBM Bluemix in my reviews of those PaaS (platform as a service) offerings. All of these MBaaS platforms run on some kind of public cloud, and some can be installed on-premise or in hybrid cloud configurations.

Not to be left out, the three major public cloud services have either developed or bought MBaaS platforms of their own. Amazon developed the Mobile SDK with multiple mobile-specific services, along with ways to tie mobile apps into its mainstream services such as DynamoDB and S3. Last October, Google acquired Firebase, which offers a secure, real-time, cloud-hosted, NoSQL database with a REST API as well as a login service. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services also includes non-Microsoft service components such as the Node.js Web API and MongoDB storage, as well as the .Net, Active Directory, and SQL Server cloud services that you'd expect.

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