WZor leaks screenshots of new Windows 10 build 10022, Server 9926

Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview 3 and maybe Windows Server Technical Preview 2 are due this week, but screenshots show little of interest

Leaking pipes

The Russian group known as WZor sprang back to life over the weekend with a flurry of not very interesting leaked screenshots depicting one possible candidate for Windows 10 Technical Preview 3, which is due this week.

Those of us hoping for worthwhile sightings -- such as Cortana actually working, Spartan, Metro Outlook, revamped PC Settings, a translucent and malleable Start menu, maybe People Sense or something to replace Metro People, even a return to Aero Glass (hope springs eternal) -- will find the pickings slim to vanishing.

Build 10022, dated Feb. 15, is from the fbl_impressive branch, which is likely to contain the next public Technical Preview.

On a somewhat more positive note, the mere existence of build 9926 (dated Jan. 19) for Windows 10 Server raises some hope that this week will not only bring the promised new Windows 10 Pro beta bits, but also a new Windows Server Technical Preview 2, old as it may be.

If you would like to see the build 10022 screenshots for yourself, check WZor's latest tweet and an earlier tweet on the topic, which link to a handful of screenshots. There are also a couple of shots of Internet Explorer 11. Spoiler alert: There isn't a whole lot to see there.

WZor also tweeted shots of Windows Server build 9926, same spoiler alert.

The Russians also leaked a copy of the build 10014 Technical Preview release notes, which are intended for use by folks writing drivers. I only found two items of interest:

In File Explorer, the number of frequent folders shown is now limited to a maximum of four folders (not counting the unlimited number of user-pinned folders). Also, if you configure OneDrive as the default save location, the Documents and Pictures folders in Quick Access will point to the equivalent OneDrive version of those folders.

In the Known Issues section (which strongly hints that this may be a bug, although the intended behavior isn't documented): "Users who upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview will receive a warning saying that they will lose Media Center. The warning is only shown if applicable to the user -- for example, if the computer to be upgraded has installed and run Media Center."

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