Should Windows users switch to Linux or Mac?

In today's open source roundup: Should Windows users move to Mac or Linux? Plus: How you can hire the best Linux talent, and what happens when Linux distros die?

Should Windows users switch to Mac or Linux?

While some Windows users are quite satisfied with Microsoft's desktop operating system, others are not. Does it make sense for Windows users make the jump to Linux or Mac?

Mihir Patkar reports for MakeUseOf:

Microsoft is launching a new version of Windows and that means everyone has one question on their minds: should I stick to Windows and upgrade or is it time to look beyond to Linux or Mac? The quick answer: if you’re on Windows, stay on Windows—and don’t worry about upgrading just yet.

I run a dual-boot system with Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu (occasionally changing to Windows 8 as well as every new Linux distro worth trying). I also have a MacBook Air for on-the-go work. I use all three operating systems every day, partly because knowing technology is my job and partly because I’m a geek. But I keep gravitating back to Windows whenever an important task looms large and I have to get things done.

If you are a long-time Windows user, you are better off sticking with it and not changing. Here’s why…

Is Windows the best operating system? It doesn't matter

You have already invested in Windows

It's the little things that matter

It's all about you, not the operating system

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Informatics-Tech listed the pros and cons of all three operating systems and spawned a discussion with 194 responses:

With almost 90% of the operating system market share, you can't miss Windows. It's in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, as well as home computers. Apple's Macintosh OS is even older than Windows. It is the first ever successful graphical-based operating system, being released one year before it's Microsoft counterpart. Linux is GNU's answer to Mac and Windows. Yes, this means that Linux is FREE! By free, you can download, modify and redistribute it without spending a dime! operating system is really better, the choice is up to you. If you're a gamer, then you have no choice, go for Windows. Programmers might prefer Linux and video/graphics producers will probably tend towards Mac. The best thing to do is probably to try each OS and see which is best for you!

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Hire the best Linux talent

The Linux job market is red hot right now, but it's not always easy for companies to attract top Linux talent. listed some ways that companies can go about hiring open source and Linux employees.

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