The world of containers doesn't end with Docker

The open-source app containerization startup has built up quite a bit of momentum, but it's still not entirely ready for enterprise.

Last year was a good one for Docker, the open-source app containerization startup that helps applications run efficiently in any on-premises or cloud environment, no matter the runtime.

Docker rode a wave of hype all the way to the project's 1.0 stable release in June 2014, timed to coincide with the first-ever DockerCon in San Francisco for the growing Docker community.

During the year, the company announced a series of partnerships and integrations with the likes of Microsoft, Red Hat, Google, Amazon Web Services and VMware. By year's end, Docker claimed that more than 71,379 apps were Docker-ready.

Docker's momentum seems unstoppable, and that perception is reinforced by a recent Gartner report indicating that the still very young technology is mostly ready for the enterprise -- but note the emphasis on mostly.

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