Google Drive for Linux screenshots leaked

In today's open source roundup: Google may be preparing to release Drive for Linux. Plus: Q*bert rebooted for Android, and will Blizzard finally support Linux users?

Google Drive for Linux screenshots

Google Drive has unofficial clients available for Linux, but there hasn't been an official one released by Google. That may be about to change as a couple of screenshots have leaked, according to WebUpd8.

Andrew at WebUpd8 reports:

The screenshots above are bundled with the official Google Drive Mac client and they first appeared with version 1.18.7821.2489 (I checked the previous version and some random old versions and none contained these screenshots), released on October 30, 2014, which isn't long ago and it most probably means that Google is testing Drive for Linux internally. So we might actually see an official release pretty soon.

Those who want to see this for themselves can download the latest Google Drive for Mac, mount it and look under Google

More at WebUpd8

News of the leaked screenshots got redditors talking about Google Drive for Linux:

Tomun: "Coincidentally, today I just started using this:[1] and it works quite nicely."

Badwhetter: "Cool, been using Grive, but patiently waiting for an official client."

LubricatorHex: "I doubt the Linux client will ever be released publicly."

Spacerats: "3 years!? they must be going through interns like no other."

God_farts_too: "A little late for me. By the time they've made a client for Linux, Google has lost my trust and I feel safer using my own server on a VPS."

More at Reddit

Q*bert rebooted for Android

Q*bert is one of those classic arcade games that lives on forever. Now a developer has updated it with modern graphics and game play for Android devices.

Ida Torres reports for Android Community:

Q*bert was named one of the top 3 most successful arcade games of all time (together with Pac-Man and Donkey Kong). The 2015 version is still in its 2D pixel format but now it has "state of the art 3D game-play and graphics" in keeping with the feel of playing the game on mobile devices. It is also optimized for Android TV with gamepad controls, if you feel like playing it on a bigger screen.

If you've forgotten what Q*bert is about, the titular character jumps on an isometric cube pyramid to convert the color of each block. But now instead of the old squares, you now have hexagonal blocks. But the old adversaries are still there, trying to prevent our hero from fulfilling his mission. There's Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam, Wrong Way, and Red Ball, and now they have 3 more joining them to foil Q*bert: Homer, Uppercut, and Treasure Chest.

More at Android Community

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