Should you use Windows 10 or Ubuntu?

In today's open source roundup: Ubuntu versus Windows 10. Plus: Dell updates Developer Edition Linux laptops, and KDE Plasma 5.2 released and reviewed

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The Plasma 5.2 release announcement got redditors talking:

PandaHammer: " close are we to stability though? I want to replace my Plasma 4 desktop but seeing as the packages replace each other I'm looking for a daily driver."

D_ed: "Speaking as a main Plasma dev; it depends a bit on on what you use. It won't crash often (providing you have latest Qt5.4); but a few obscure features you're used to might be "missing" or not as well tested. Maybe try a live CD and see for yourself."

PandaHammer: "Cool thanks. Any experiences with Plasma5 and Steam games? Can we still disable effects for fullscreen windows etc?"

Hyperz: "Been playing War Thunder, Prison Architect and Robocraft on my Plasma 5.2 beta install without any problems or performance issues. And yes you can still disable effects for fullscreen applications."

Fliphopanonymous: "I regularly run DoTA 2 on two different computers with Plasma 5 with very few issues. On my ultrabook it seems like disabling compositing for full screen windows doesn't save between sessions so I'm not sure if it works for the integrated Intel graphics, but I haven't noticed a loss in performance (granted I'm usually just spectating and not actually playing). On my desktop it does work - R9 290x with catalyst. Both computers are running up to date Arch, laptop is single screen 1920x1080, desktop is triple screen 1x2560x1600 and 2x1080x1920. Both have vsync and compositing defaulted except for full screen windows. "

Akkaone: "For me kwin started to use a lot of less memory after the update to 5.2. Also for me I had a couple rendering bugs with the kwin effects on my installation, they all diapered after the update. My impression is 5.2 is ready for most user now..."

Bananaoomarang: "Looks like a really solid release (upgrading on Arch now). Been using Plasma5 as my daily driver for a while now, and apart from the occasional crash and some font rendering issues in notifications it works great! Congrats :)"

More at Reddit

Ken Vermette has a very detailed review of Plasma 5.2:

Plasma 5.2 feels functional enough for day-to-day use, and unless you plan to really push the desktop into experimental realms such as high-DPI or extreme customization – you’ll find it’s a pleasant and usable experience. I personally was testing with an early beta version which felt fairly stable, and bugs are being hunted down before the full release. A major theme running though Plasma and Frameworks is to ‘do things right'; no short-cuts or brushing things under the carpet, and it shows.

Is Plasma 5.2 perfect? No! But it’s doing a very good job. Plasma 4 created the vision but always felt as if successive releases were attempts to fix and patch it’s original problems – almost becoming stagnant in the process. Plasma 5 feels as if its dropped that weight and is ready to begin another push to innovate. Using Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5 it’s obvious the goals KDE made in 2008 with Plasma 4 will be realised on this next-generation computing environment.

More at Ken Vermette

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