Google shuts down Glass sales to the public, shifts unit to Nest Labs

The move appears to be an attempt to rethink the wearable computer outside Google's X lab

Google will stop selling its Glass head-mounted computer to the public on Jan. 19, as part of other big changes Google is making to the product's program.

On that day, Google will close its Explorer program for Glass, the company said today, adding that future versions of Glass will be made available "when they're ready."

That could happen later this year, according to an article from the Wall Street Journal, which also reported that Google will continue to sell Glass to businesses and developers for work applications.

Glass will also be moved out of Google's X research lab into a stand-alone unit. The unit will be led by Ivy Ross, an executive and designer who was announced as head of Glass last year. Ross and her team will report to Tony Fadell, who heads Nest Labs, which was acquired by Google last year, the WSJ said.

Google first made Glass available to applicants through its Explorer program in 2013. There was a larger public release last year. But in growing the program, Google has faced questions about privacy and the best use of Glass.

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