Firefox 35 released

In today's open source roundup: Firefox 35 is now available. Plus: Linux distros we'll never see, and Peppermint 5 reviews

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Peppermint 5 reviews

Peppermint is a distribution that combines cloud and desktop computing by letting you run web apps directly on your desktop. Peppermint 5 was released a while back, and there are a few reviews available now.

Gary Newell at Everyday Linux User reviewed Peppermint 5:

I really like Peppermint OS but there appears to be some regression and more issues since the previous release. I am not sure of the reasons for mixing and matching LXDE and XFCE components but I think it would be a good idea to just standardise so that you only use LXDE or XFCE and not a combination of both.

If the ICE bug can be fixed then the use of Peppermint with the Internet Archive would enable you to use a machine with low specifications as a retro games console. (Ultimately what I was trying to do initially). Peppermint is a good distribution with some good concepts but I think it has become a little bit confused with its identity.

More at Everyday Linux User

Arindam Sen also did a review on Linuxed:

I really like Peppermint for it's combination of simple aesthetics and efficiency. It leaves Lubuntu 14.04 miles behind in terms of functionality and is relatively more bug free. Though it doesn't have the elegance of LXLE, but is more suitable for running on low spec systems. Ice is a novelty factor in Peppermint, of course, and it works better than previous releases. And on top of all, Peppermint has an LTS similar to Ubuntu, i.e. 5 years whereas Lubuntu has support of only 3 years. Extra two years may not be of much significance for all, as I know majority of us will upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 once it is released in 2014.

But, a few users may be constrained by the specs (Linux too is getting heavier with every passing release) and especially this may be the last LTS release for 32-bit systems. I am not sure how many Linux OS will have a 32-bit version in 2016. Anyway, I fully recommend Peppermint 5 as one of the best LXDE distros I have used.

More at Linuxed

I also found a video review of Peppermint 5 on YouTube:

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