Free Software Foundation video explains the value of free software

In today's open source roundup: Watch the FSF's new video about free software. Plus: What causes digital piracy? And download Android 5.0 Lollipop wallpapers inspired by Google's Material Design

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Torrent freak recently published a column by Fung that focuses on piracy and media distribution:

...streaming services are the future of movies and TV. Technically, streaming and superior recommendations are the things that can effectively compete with piracy, which is not as convenient, not as legal and not as high quality. Continue to hamstring collective streaming services with licensing limitations and territorial barriers and expect piracy to endure. The War on Internet cannot be won with lawyers.

Imagine when everyone can watch and listen to anything, anytime, anywhere, with mere cents, automatically and continuously deducted from your Bitcoin wallet. No, you won’t own your media, but that was never the case to begin with. Our entertainment will be completely in the cloud, searchable and discoverable with recommendations. Not yours, physically or otherwise, but available and priced low enough that you don’t think much about the charge.

More at Torrent Freak

I agreed with most of what Fung said, but took issue with his comments about ownership of media by users on my blog:

tuxpiratebig Jim Lynch

I have no beef with streaming whatsoever. I have a Netflix and Amazon Prime account, and I use both of them to watch movies and TV shows frequently. However, I disagree with the idea that owning your media isn’t important at times. Streaming simply isn’t enough because some people will always need to own certain kinds of content.

Sure, in some cases you just want to watch a TV show or movie or read an ebook without owning it, but in some cases ownership is important to customers. So I think we need to be careful about thinking that streaming will completely replace the desire to own a copy of certain content that we can do whatever we want with on our devices.

More at Jim Lynch

Android 5.0 Lollipop wallpapers

Google's Material Design in Android 5.0 has inspired some amazing wallpapers. You can check some of these out and download them for your Android device for free.

Hernan Rosario reports on Android 5.0 Lollipop wallpapers:

Here in IntraPixel we have shared many wallpapers from ones created by ourselves to many Material Design inspired wallpapers. Today, thanks to a Google+ user by the name J. Amourette, we have many wallpapers inspired by the flatness and bright colors that distinguish Android 5.0 Lollipop.

In here you will find wallpapers like the one that came with the Nexus 5 with a flat look and other bright and colorful wallpapers.

More at Intrapixel

Check out the entire collection of wallpapers at J. Amourette's Google+ collection page. There are many, many different wallpapers available to download so give yourself some time to browse through all of them.

android 5.0 lollipop wallpapers Image credit: J.Amourette

What's your take on all this? Tell me in the comments below.


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