Video: Look back at Microsoft's big changes in 2014

With a new CEO and a new vision, Microsoft spent much of the past year transitioning from a devices-and-services company to one focused on productivity and platforms


When he replaced former CEO Steve Ballmer, Satya Nadella was determined to point Microsoft in a new direction. Ballmer's "devices and services" vision (largely inherited from Bill Gates) was dropped in favor of a new mission: productivity and platforms.

As the above video recounts, the company wasn't the nimblest at changing course. The Surface tablet suffered from anemic sales, and the company was late to the game with key technologies like productivity apps for the iPad. But on the bright side, Microsoft's stock price rose sharply in 2014, and the Xbox One fulfilled the company's vision of a family room PC. Looking ahead, Microsoft is banking heavily on making Windows 10 appealing to enterprises after the slow uptake of Windows 8 on business machines.

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