Microsoft on KB 3004394 patch: Uninstall it ... pretty please

It's official: If you installed KB 3004394, you need to uninstall the patch manually

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As I mentioned earlier this morning, Microsoft has pulled the botched patch KB 3004394. That's the Windows Root Cert patch causing endless problems -- Windows Defender wouldn't start, installing KB 3004394 blocked installing other Windows Updates, UAC prompts appeared in the weirdest places, MSE wouldn't install, VirtualBox stopped working, and on and on.

In the past hour, Microsoft acknowledged the problem and told us what to do about it. Microsoft engineer and forum moderator Pinaki Mohanty, writing on the Microsoft Answers forum, announced that you should uninstall KB 3004394, if you were unfortunate enough to get it. Here's the official advice:

We encourage Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 customers who are impacted, to uninstall the updates/KB3004394. Once ready, we will re-release the updates.

Those of you who had Automatic Update turned on last Tuesday can now take the "Kick Me" sign off your back.

No doubt about it: Microsoft has the all-time best Windows malware delivery system.

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