Linux Mint 17.1 and the question of the "best" Linux desktop

In today's open source roundup: Linux Mint 17.1 might be the best desktop distribution this year...or not. Plus: GNOME or KDE in Fedora 21? And Windows 10 users crave features that are already available in Linux

Is Linux Mint 17.1 the best desktop distro?

Linux Mint 17.1 continues to get lots of positive attention in the media. ZDNet recently published an article that proclaimed it to be the "best desktop of 2014."

best linux desktop of 2014 linux mint 17.1 ZDNet

SJVN at ZDNet on Linux Mint 17.1:

I’ve really liked Linux Mint as a desktop for years. Now, with the latest version, Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca”, I think I may love Mint. That’s because Mint has finally corrected its one shortcoming: The inability to easily upgrade from one version to another.

The one bug I’ve seen to date is that some desktop icons, such as the computer, can’t have their names changed. So, for example, I can’t rename “Computer” to “Blitz”, my Dell desktop’s real name. Overall, though, that’s like complaining about a scratch on a 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR Racer: Mint’s still the best available desktop today.

More at ZDNet

I disagreed with Steven over on my own blog:

...I’m not sure I’d call it the best available desktop today for the simple reason that no matter how good a distribution or desktop is, there are bound to be people out there who need something different. Linux Mint is a fine choice for many or even most desktop Linux users, but it’s not right for everybody.

...we should probably beware of labeling any of them as “the best” lest we forget that in the world of Linux – and in just about everything else – one size usually does not fit all.

More at Jim Lynch

KDE or GNOME in Fedora 21?

Fedora 21 is out now, and a Redditor asked whether he should use GNOME or KDE as his desktop environment.

Notrends asks which desktop he should use:

"I've been running Fedora in the Gnome environment on my work laptop, but recently I started playing with KDE (Fedora 21) on my test machine. What am I missing in Gnome that I should be sure to check out in KDE? Or why do you prefer Gnome to KDE?"

More at Reddit

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