Welcome to the next wave of enterprise computing

Software-defined everything, a fresh stack of cloud-based technologies, and a new view of enterprise architecture are transforming business technology

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The way we deliver enterprise solutions changes every decade or so. Sometimes the changes are small; sometimes they’re earthshaking. We’re in the middle of one of those seismic shifts, with tectonic plates moving from on-premises to the cloud, from desktop to mobile, from physical to programmable.

To me, this upheaval resembles a crucial period in the Earth's prehistory. Stephen Jay Gould’s book "Wonderful Life" charted the pre-Cambrian explosion of life, a flourishing of early animals that suddenly died to give us the evolutionary roots of today’s world.

The explosion of technology ushered in by the early Web followed that same trajectory, ending with a die-back in the aftermath of the dot-com boom and leaving us the Web 2.0 world of JavaScript, HTML5, NoSQL, and RESTful APIs that are the foundation of today's cloud computing stack.

The surviving elements of that technology explosion have helped lay the groundwork for a new generation of enterprise computing.

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