Six GUI firewall tools for Linux

In today's open source roundup: Six GUI firewall management applications in Linux. Plus: Linux Lite 2.2 released, and the story of how Kali Linux was created

GUI firewall tools in Linux

The command line is a powerful tool for any Linux user, but there are times when a GUI can also be quite useful, particularly when it comes to managing firewalls. There are a number of GUI-based firewall tools available, but some Linux users might be completely unaware of them.

tux linux firewall gui tools

Eric Geier at ServerWatch looked at six GUI firewall management tools:

As you may know, IPtables and NetFilter combine to make the most popular firewall solution in Linux. Given there's only a native command-line interface (CLI) for the two, though, there can be a learning curve. The good news, however, is that there are many graphical user interfaces (GUIs) you can use with Linux. Let's look at some of the most powerful yet easy-to-use options available.

Firewall Builder


Gufw Firewall

PeerGuardian Linux


Vuurmuur Firewall

More at ServerWatch

Linux Lite 2.2

Linux Lite is a desktop distribution geared toward making it easier for Windows users to transition to Linux. Linux Lite 2.2 is the latest release and includes a back up utility, system cleaner and a variety of other changes.

Jerry at the Linux Lite forum lists the changes in version 2.2:

We've added Backups a very simple to use backup utility, Date & Time, File Search and our newest members to the Linux Lite software family, Lite Cleaner - an easy to use point and click system cleaner and Lite Welcome - greets you on first boot, gives useful information about Linux Lite including Updates, Support and Development, we've also added Light Locker as the new default screen locker.

There are also improvements to Install Additional Software, allowing you to choose multiple programs at once to install. There is also 'Check Install Media' that has been added to the Live boot menu and finally, we've added some community created Linux Lite themed wallpapers.

More at Linux Lite Forum

You can download Linux Lite 2.2 via these torrents:

Linux Lite 2.2 32-bit Torrent

Linux Lite 2.2 64-bit Torrent

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