Video: Steve Jobs will testify for Apple

A class-action lawsuit filed years ago is finally getting under way, and part of Apple's defense will be a videotaped deposition by Steve Jobs

Apple is presently involved in a class-action lawsuit alleging anticompetitive business practices regarding the Fairplay DRM technology that it used in the iPod. In its defense, the company will call on a surprising witness: Steve Jobs.

As the video above discusses, Jobs will give testimony in the form of a deposition recorded in 2011, about six months before his death. Rutgers law school professor Michael Carrier says the use of the deposition is a calculated risk for Apple, though not an unusual one given the circumstances. Also, the stakes are not especially high for Apple: It stopped using Fairplay in 2009, and even if it loses the suit and has to pay for a settlement, the fine would be a drop in the bucket compared to the company’s overall revenue.

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