Should you use Debian or Ubuntu?

In today's open source roundup: Debian versus Ubuntu. Plus: Five Linux distros for your computer, and which game genres need more games on Linux?

Debian versus Ubuntu

Ubuntu and Debian are two of the most popular options for Linux users. But newer users can sometimes be unaware of the differences between the two, and might not understand which one is the better choice for their needs. Datamation looks at the pros and cons of Ubuntu and Debian.

Bruce Byfield reports at Datamation:

Beginner or expert? Platform support? Ease of use or control? Unity or GNOME? Cutting edge or stability? Free or proprietary? Outspoken but democratic, or polite or controlled? As you can see, choosing between Debian and Ubuntu comes down to what is important to you.

However, no matter how you decide, you can hardly go too far wrong. For all their differences, Debian and Ubuntu did not become the leading distributions in free software by chance. Their joint dominance suggests that either is a valid choice, so long as you understand your priorities.

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debian versus ubuntu Crucial

WikiVS also explains some of the differences between Debian and Ubuntu:

Ubuntu is specifically designed to be easy for inexperienced users to use. Initial configuration of Debian may be more difficult. Ubuntu's early motto was "Linux for human beings", while Debian describes itself as "the universal operating system." The decision to use one or the other may also hinge on the relative importance of new, possibly unstable software versus old reliable software.

Community is probably the biggest distinguishing feature besides distribution "flavor". The Ubuntu forums are more accessible to newcomers, while Debian forums are more technical. Both distributions depend heavily on a large community of volunteer open-source software developers and users who provide free support for each other while using the software.

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Redditors shared their thoughts in a thread last year about Ubuntu versus Debian:

"Debian! I started using GNU/Linux full-time a year ago. I started with Ubuntu, and was productive immediately, but it was a bit buggy (things crashed, error messages, freezes), and I didn't really understand how the OS worked. I then switched to Debian, and while it was a bit harder to set up and configure to my liking, I faced none of the bugs that I did with Ubuntu, and I understood the system better."

"I would say Ubuntu since it's how I started out. A lot works out of the box, but you can still get your hands dirty with it. "

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Five Linux distos for your computer

Speaking of choosing a Linux distro, ITworld has a slideshow roundup of five Linux distributions worth considering for your Linux computer.

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