How to create seamless mobile security for employees

Frustrated employees will figure out how to get around disruptive and clunky security procedures. Here’s how three organizations created a secure and seamless mobile experience for end users.

seamless security
James Yang

The salespeople at financial services firm Vanguard Group need on-the-go access to presentations, client data and meeting details from wherever they are without a lot of hurdles. That doesn’t mean, however, they need to access the complete suite of Vanguard applications and all of its data. So access is built around determining what users need in order to be productive without jeopardizing security by giving them too much access, says John Marcante, managing director and CIO at Valley Forge, Pa.-based Vanguard.

“That’s the challenge. You have to figure out how to make things usable and at the same time secure. That’s the world we’re in today,” he says.

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