Purism seeks funding for 15-inch free software Linux laptop

In today's open source roundup: Purism wants to sell a Linux laptop that runs only free software. Plus: The Jolla Linux tablet easily surpasses its $380,000 funding goal, and how well does Nvidia's open source driver perform while running Linux games?

Update: Phoronix has a different take on Purism, and some redditors are also skeptical about it.

Purism's Librem Linux laptop

Purism is seeking crowd-sourced funding for its 15-inch Linux laptop. The Librem laptop is designed to run on truly free software only, there will be no closed-source software included with it (even for drivers).

Chris Hoffman at PC World reports on Purism's free software only laptop:

Purism, which launched a drive on Crowd Supply on Wednesday, is seeking at least $250,000 to make a high-end Linux laptop that only runs free, or open-source, software. This means no annoying closed-source drivers—or “binary blobs”—necessary to make the hardware work.

Purism claims the laptop’s hardware has been “meticulously designed chip by chip to work with free and open source software,” saying it’s the “first laptop to reinstate your rights to freedom and privacy.”

More at PC World

purism librem linux laptop Purism

You can get more information on the Librem 15's page on Crowd Supply. Here's a list of the Librem 15's tech specs:

15.6" 1920x1080 display

8 Core 2.3GHz Intel i7 with nVidia Graphics

375 x 244 x 22mm 2.0Kg

14 x 9.6 x 0.86" 4.4lbs

4GB Mem (up to 8GB)

500GB HD (up to 1TB HD or 250GB SSD)


48 watt/hour lithium polymer battery

65W power adapter

Up to 8 hours usage

Three USB 3.0 ports

One HDMI port

One Pop-Down RJ45 Network port (r8169)

802.11n WiFi (ath9k)

720p camera

HD Audio

Full-size backlit keyboard

SDXC card slot

Purism GNU/Linux Operating System (Trisquel based)

More at Librem 15 at Crowd Supply

Check out a video preview of the Librem 15 Linux laptop:

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