New Windows 10 Technical Preview arrives: Build 9879

Microsoft releases build 9879 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview to the Fast ring of the Windows Insider Program

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Windows 10 spokesperson Gabe Aul posted new details about the latest version of Windows 10. If you're running Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860, you can go to PC Settings, Update and recovery, Preview builds, and click or tap on Download Now to get build 9879.

Or if you've chosen to be in the Fast ring -- PC Settings, Update and recovery, Preview builds, choose Fast from the drop-down box -- Windows 10 will update itself automatically via Windows Update.

It's a full build, Aul warns, so you'll get an in-place upgrade, and you'll have to go through the setup screens again.

What's new? As expected, there's an easy option to take the Task View button and the Search button off the taskbar. You'll also find new minimize and restore animations -- lots of little tweaks and numerous fixes to the plumbing.

Aul advises:

This will be the last new build of the year for Windows Insiders, as we’ll be using the time over the holidays to continue making refinements both to the product and to our engineering system that we’re using to bring it to you. Keep sending us feedback, and we’ll keep working to build Windows 10 into something that you’ll love. We’ll have something new to share with you early in 2015

It appears as if we won't get another build until Microsoft's ready to do something to the Metro side of the force.

I'll post details as they unfold.

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