Quick Look: Puppy Linux 6.0

See screenshots of the Puppy Linux 6.0 Tahrpup CE distribution in this slideshow.

puppy linux 6.0 desktop
ITworld/Jim Lynch

The Puppy Linux 6.0 Desktop

Puppy Linux 6.0 is a lightweight Linux distribution that can easily be run off a USB stick, SD card or live disc. This version has been dubbed “Tahrpup” by the Puppy Linux developers, and it is based on Ubuntu 14.04. It also uses Linux kernel 3.14.20.

If you’ve never used Puppy Linux before you might want to check out Wikipedia’s excellent overview of it. It will give you useful background information and let you know what you can expect from Puppy before trying it. You can also check out the official Puppy Linux 6.0 announcement thread in the Puppy Linux forum.

puppy linux 6.0 quickpet
ITworld/Jim Lynch

Quickpet in Puppy Linux 6.0

Quickpet makes it easy for you to install popular applications in Puppy Linux. Applications are broken down into categories such as Browsers, Internet, Audio, Video, Games and more.

You’ll find many well known applications such as Skype, Chrome, Firefox, Spotify, and many others to choose from. Just click on the app to install it on your system.

puppy linux 6.0 install menu
ITworld/Jim Lynch

Install Puppy Linux 6.0

You can install Puppy Linux 6.0 to your hard disk, or to external media such as a USB drive or optical disc. You can use the Universal Installer or the Bootflash USB installer.

If you need help installing Puppy Linux, be sure to click the “Installation introduction web page” button on the Install menu. You’ll find instructions for installing Puppy Linux on a CD, USB flash drive, internal disk or a zip disk.

puppy linux 6.0 browser
ITworld/Jim Lynch

Pale Moon browser

Pale Moon is the Puppy Linux 6.0 default browser. But there are plenty of other browsers available in Quickpet such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Tor, Slimboat, Iron and Seamonkey.

puppy linux 6.0 setup
ITworld/Jim Lynch

The Puppy Linux 6.0 Setup Menu

The setup menu gives you top level access to all of the main settings categories such as Language and Country, Startup, Mouse and Keyboard, Sound, Graphics and Screen, Accelerated Graphics, Internet, and Printer.

puppy linux 6.0 quick setup
ITworld/Jim Lynch

The Puppy Linux 6.0 Quick Setup Menu

Quick Setup is another settings menu that only includes selected settings options. All of these and more can be found in the main setup menu, but the quick setup menu can be useful if you don’t want to click through the main setup menu.

puppy linux 6.0 internet connection wizard
ITworld/Jim Lynch

The Puppy Linux 6.0 Internet Connection Wizard

You can use the Internet Connection Wizard to configure your network settings. You can also use it to setup a firewall or a proxy server, among other things.

Puppy Linux 6.0 is available for download right now. The file weighs in at a very petite 199 MB and you can run it off a USB stick or a live disc. If you run into any problems using it, be sure to check out the Puppy Linux discussion forum for feedback and assistance.

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