Ubuntu's Unity desktop may be more popular than most people think

In today's open source roundup: A survey indicates that a strong majority of Ubuntu users use the Unity desktop. Plus: GOG to release classic LucasArts games, and has Microsoft finally fixed its mistakes with Windows 10?

Unity is the desktop that just can't get much respect in the Linux world. It has been criticized since the day it first appeared, with many Linux users being quite vocal in their disgust at Canonical's decision to include Unity instead of GNOME. But is Unity really that reviled? A new survey by OMG Ubuntu indicates that most Ubuntu users actually seem to like Unity.

According to OMG Ubuntu:

No Ubuntu survey would be worth its weight in rounded percentiles if it neglected to ask about favoured desktop environments. Unity came out on top with 63% (a predictable result for an Ubuntu-focused news site, perhaps), followed by GNOME Shell (12%) and XFCE (6%).

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ubuntu unity more popular than other desktops OMG Ubuntu

Oddly enough, the results of this survey regarding Unity don't really surprise me. It's been around for a good while, and I think most Ubuntu users have had plenty of time to transition to it and leave the past behind. So it makes sense for Unity to come out on top when users are asked about it now.

I was somewhat surprised to note that GNOME Shell came out ahead of Xfce though, I would have thought that it would be the other way around. Only six percent separated the two, but I would have bet money on Xfce coming out on top. But maybe that's just my own preferences making me a bit biased in my perceptions.

If you're using Unity, be sure to check out this article, it has many tips and tricks for using Unity in Ubuntu.

GOG to release classic LucasArts games

GamingOnLinux reports that GOG will be releasing thirty classic games from LucasArts, and these games will not have any kind of DRM.

According to GamingOnLinux:

The DRM free publisher has entered into a partnership with ©Disney to add 30 classic titles from the back catalogue of now defunct publisher LucasArts Entertainment Company. The first batch of six games were added today. Two of which are available for Linux.

Thanks to ScummVM both Sam & Max Hit the Road and Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis™ will be available for Linux.

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classic lucasarts games for linux GamingOnLinux
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